Current Favorite Swimsuits

August 17, 2017

Summer is one season that I never want to end; Minimal makeup, sunny weather, beaches, and swimsuits. As you guys probably already know, Matin and I visited Maui, Hawaii with my family recently. Let’s just say I still dream about the clear sapphire blue ocean.

With the blue water surrounding the prominent sun shining, I just couldn’t stop smiling! Being out there, floating on the ocean was without a doubt the perfect backdrop to complement any look. Now you know why I waited so long to write this blog post and share my current favorite swimsuits.

I’m that girl who could live in my swimsuit from June to September and that is exactly what I’ve been doing. Guys, it’s the season to shop those last minute swimwear SALES. If you’ve been eyeing some swimsuits all summer long, it’s a perfect time now to dive in and stock up on those favorites before they’re gone for good.


I was so happy that everyone on Instagram seems to like this suit just as much as I did 🙂


When it comes to swimsuit shopping, I follow some little tips that I like to share with you guys.

  • Know your body type and what works for you.

If you are a slim girl, most styles will flatter your figure. I’m a petite girl, so I like to look taller than what I am. I’ve found that anything high-waist helps me to be slimmer and taller especially in swimsuits.

To all my Curvy babes, if you are heavy on top avoid ruffles and large patterns and prints.

If you have a pear shaped body, keep it neutral on the bottom and focus on the top.

  • Have fun with bikinis, Mix-and-Match

You don’t always have to get a matching set! It’s so fun to play around with different patterns and textures when it comes to pairing your tops and bottoms. I really enjoy styling different colors together.

  • Last but not least don’t forget Comfort is Key!

I believe all of us at some point in our life bought swimsuits that look hot but not functional. Make sure when you buy your favorite swimsuit, it doesn’t move on your body. If it moves on your body before even going to the water, you will for sure flash when you are swimming. I personally stick with the swimsuits that are super fitted on my body because they will eventually stretch out. Don’t buy them in a size bigger just because you think it fits better. As soon as you start swimming, everything will move and it’s no fun.

Hope my tips were helpful babes! Best of all, I’ve rounded up my current swimsuit favorites! Just use the arrows to swipe left or right.


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