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2018 Resolutions in my Teddy Coat

January 11, 2018


As the first week of 2018 ended so quickly, it reminded me how short life is. Last week, I went on my Insta-Story and asked you guys, if you want me to talk about 2018 resolutions; and why I ditched them this year. Luckily, 92% of you were interested to hear about my side of the story. Therefore, you guys motivated me to write about 2018 resolutions even though 10 days past 2018. Before I start, I really want to thank all you guys for supporting me throughout this career journey of mine. Thanks for taking your time reading my blog posts, interacting with me on Instagram, and supporting my new YouTube Channel. Continue Reading…

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Stepping Into 2017…

December 31, 2016

Now that another year has come to an end, it really has me thinking about things that I want to work on or things that I want to learn this upcoming 2017. With all the craziness that had happened in 2016, I must say it has been one of the most thoughtful and interesting years so far. It really opened up my eyes to see the truth in people and life overall. I started out the year with soul searching and finding a great purpose in my life. Continue Reading…

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The Very First Parmsi Holiday Gift Guide Under $100

December 15, 2016
If this month is the busiest time of the year for you, or even if you typically are the last minute type of person, like me, I hope this blog makes your holiday gift shopping a bit easier. What are you waiting for!? Ditch work, hop on that work computer front of you and start your holiday shopping with me. After all, we deserve an extra break on Thursdays. Continue Reading…

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How to be Fall Look Appropriate: Beautiful Neutrals

October 5, 2016

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

It has been a while since last time we talked. Unfortunately, about 3 months ago, Matt got into an accident that caused 35 percent burnt on his body and seven surgeries in 40 days. Our home was room 824 at the burn center for a while, 48 days to be exact, so with that non-chosen lifestyle, writing a blog was impossible especially when my photographer was lying in bed. Thankfully those days are over and we are doing great. I found a new part-time job that I like a lot, and the hours work perfectly with my blog and school schedule. I must say life has been great since we are out of the hospital and super thankful for all those little things we used to take for granted.

Okay enough of him and I, Let’s talk about what we always love to talk about.

neutral color fall look

fall 2016 neutral outfit

The first week of October is the hardest time of the season. We have to go through our wardrobe every day for hours to find the right outfit to wear. The sad part is that we are in the fall spirit, but our clothes are still too heavy to wear. Also, we like to minimize wearing very bright colors since it’s not Spring/ Summer anymore. I would say having some neutral colors in your wardrobe would go a long way with you. Go to your closet, separate the neutral colors from the bright ones, and start making different outfits with the basics you have on the neutral side.


They include different shades of brown, Black, White, and gray. Neutral colors can blend in with other colors or match with all colors and color combinations. Therefore,you will find it easier to create several different outfits with them without extra thinking. If you are on a tight budget, I would suggest investing most of the money towards collecting good neutral garments. They tend to last longer in your closet and with current trends.

I have always admired fall. It really is a second spring with all the colorful leaves falling on the ground. They both are the revolutionary season; spring is a new beginning and autumn is a new start or last chance to be reformed. If you looking for a great fall vacation destination, I would recommend going to Colorado in October. It’s just magically beautiful. All you see is mountains full with different color trees. Well, now you know where I got my inspiration from for this look. I have become a big fan of this russet orange/ mustard orange color since last fall. It reminds me of maple leaves in fall. Mustard Orange is a very rich color with a strong foundation, so I prefer to stay with the neutral family and mix it with nude shoes and bag.

I like showing my midriff when I’m wearing high-waist pants or skirts, so if you are like me try to invest in some good quality neutral crop tops. I promise it will be one of those pieces that you always have something to wear with.

I have worn this A.L.C crop top all year around with all sort of pants and skirts. The same story with these pants, you name any kind of tops and I paired it with. Therefore, I wrapped up the look by layering some of my gold accessories.

I hope you enjoyed this look.

Rusty orange/ copper fall outfit

afordable fal look appropriate

nude chloe clutch

Christian Dior nude pumps

Outfit Details:
A.L.C Crop Top , Sold Out, Similar, Similar 
Zara Pants, Old, Similar 
Cristian Dior Spring 2016, Sold Out
Chloe Clutch, Sold Out, Similar  
Until Then, 
Xo Parmsi 
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A Minute Stroll Through The Years of Swimsuit History

July 5, 2016

Hey July,

I’m not ready for you yet. I mean my body definitely needs at least a month of going to the gym before you knock on my door. Can you please go home and come back in a month? can we all pretend we are still in June? As I’m fighting with July in my head, I’m skimming through different articles about swimsuit history on the internet. It goes back to a month ago when I was visiting my family in San Francisco. On my fifth day there, we decided to go to Capitola Beach. On our way coming back from the beach, A small billboard caught our eyes in the parking lot. The billboard was showing a picture from early 1900s, five women wearing gowns on the beach. Automatically, the very first thing crossing my mind was, why are they wearing gowns to the beach?! So, That Image in Capitola Beach inspired me to learn more about swimsuit history and share it with you guys.
  • Swimsuit History: 

A Parisian engineer, Louis Reard, invented the bikini in 1946. He designed the bikini while working at his mother’s lingerie shop. He named it after the cite of the atomic bomb testing that year; because he thought the public reaction would be like the Atomic Bomb explosion. And, he was Right! His design was based on exposing the belly button for the first time. The bikini was so scandalous that no French models accepted putting it on, so he ended up hiring a stripper to model his bikini.
Before the bikini, most women wore one-piece swimsuits, and if they were having a two-piece on, it would be still very modest and expose a little midriff. Also, they always kept the belly button covered and away from sun.Before that, women wore these bathing costumes, which covered every part of their body, and they used this thing called “ Bathing Machine”. Bathing Machine was a 6x6x6 wooden box or basically a cabana on wheels. The woman would get inside the bathing machine in her regular clothes, and then change into her bathing costume. Horses or sometimes people would drag the bathing machine to the shoreline where the woman would get straight in to the water from the cabana, so that no one would see her in her bathing costume.

We Have Certainly come a long Way since then!

We go to the beach today and you see almost everyone wearing all sorts of different bikinis, which wasn’t an instant hit for the USA back in 50s. In 1957, Modern Girl magazine said, “It is hardly necessary to waste words over the so-called bikini since it is inconceivable that any girl with tact and decency would ever wear such a thing.” Plus, One more writer described bikini as a two-piece bathing suit that revealed everything about a girl except for her mother’s maiden name. So, we can say there was a law of wearing swimsuits on public beaches. Guards at the beach would measure women’s baiting suits, and women wearing bikinis were sure to get kicked off of the beach.
With the 1960s however, it came with the sexual revolution, women’s movement, and rising popularity of the bikini. Soon no one was afraid to wear one, and show her belly button some sunshine. In 1965, a woman told Time Magazine that it almost “Square” to not wear bikini.In 2012, annual spending on the bikini was 8 billion dollars, and the fame of bikini has been tribute to the “ Power of Women” and not “ the power of fashion.”

Ok now, if you are as curious as I am about how we went from beach gowns to up our butts, join me in a minute stroll through the years of swimsuit history.

  • 1893

bathing machine 1900s

1893 bathing machine and bathing suit history

OMG! Let’s jump fast in to the water before anyone sees me.

  • 1940s

swim suit history 1950

1940s bathing suit

We don”t need to show too much skin to be sexy. ( Ignore the next Picture)

  • 1946

first bikini revolution french

The very first revolutionary bikini by Louis Reard. I love my portable bikini design. You can fit it into a match box. ( great for traveling 🙂 )

  • 1950s

1950 swimsuit history

1950s bathing suit history

We love to be as Modest as possible and fight against the revolutionary bikini.

  • 1960s

1960 bikini

After all, it doesn’t feel bad showing off my belly button to the sun. 🙂

  • 1970s

1970s swim suit history

bikinis are too boring! Let’s take a swimsuit to a whole new level. ( not sure if they were able to swim in it. )

  • 1980s

1980 swim suit history

1980s bikini

Higher the waist line, taller the legs.

  • 1990s

1990 swim suit

1990 swim suit history

I love everything high-waisted including my bikini bottom and my one-piece swimsuit.

I hope You enjoyed it, 

Until Then, 



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$ALE! The Best of The season

June 22, 2016


Uhmm, I guess we all deserve some online shopping therapy rather than working considering we made it to this point of the week. After All it is the $ale Season, Ladies. It means go make those credit cards payments and start from scratch because we all love paying the 28% interest (But, seriously, Don’t listen to me because most of the time watching your money sitting in the bank is more satisfying than having some art pieces on your feet :|).


If you’ve been saving up for this time of the year, and you like to add some good investment to your closet, I will be on the same boat with you Sister. Before I show You what I’ve been craving to buy, I would like to share some tips of $ALE SHOPPING. Don’t forget these are all from my personal experiences through eight years of working in this field, and I’m not trying to claim any expertise.


I know it is a great season to shop, but my personal advise to you would be go on that vacation if you have to choose between shopping and traveling because there always be something that we need to buy and never ends. Summer has been known for its amazing vacations and adventures. Plus, to me, nothing will beat the education that You would gain when you’re traveling to a new place. Honestly, absorbing different cultures and the feeling of sun touching your skin on different sides of the world is way more rewarding than walking with the $2000 purse, which was purchased on Sale, around the neighborhood.

You know what I mean!

Serious Girl-to-Girl Talk…

Please, please don’t go and spend 80 percent of your paycheck on a pair of shoes just because X’s husband bought her a Saint Laurent Bag as an anniversary gift, and you just have to have it. Trust me, Safe to say as a Fashion Design student, who reads and watches all fashion history and documentaries on regular basis, and working with all sorts of clients, people can distinguish between a person who buys clothes because she genuinely loves them versus who just buys them to keep up with “The Rich Kids of Beverly Hills” although there is no money in her pockets after the big purchase. So, as I said before, Don’t shop for other people or even yourself, shop for your closet.


Before typing the store website on the tool bar, make sure you are paid all the bills that needed to be paid. Then, Set a certain budget due to your financial situation because if you don’t set it, you will end up filling up your shopping cart with all great items that would cost more than your yearly salary. It might sound funny, but I’ve seen people in this situation where they don’t have the money and they end up getting loan in order to buy the clothes. You know what I always compare this budget thing to? Have you guys ever heard of someone saying, “Never go grocery shopping Hungry”? Well, at least in my case, shopping without budget is very similar as when I go to the grocery store hungry; I grab all carbs and chocolate existed on the racks of the checkout line while I’m waiting in line to purchase my actual grocery.
As I’m walking towards the sales rack, I have a same feeling as if I am Five years old again walking to a toys store full of Barbies. YES, I wanted them all no matter how many Barbies or barbie’s house and furniture I owned. The obsession got to the point that when I was nine I made a pact with myself to marry a guy who owns a Barbie store when I grow up, after unboxing my original Pocahontas Barbie that I waited patiently for about 2 years to buy….
My first $ale stop is always the shoes. It is one of the categories that I can digest quickly to splurge a good amount of money on since I was a kid. After all “ Give a Girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.” Marilyn Monroe. Usually my budget would vary depending on the shoes style, but I would say it is around $500. I KNOW. I know that could be a lot of money for a pair of shoes on SALE, but some of these shoes that we consider as an investments were originally more than $1000. That is when I should emphasize again that please buy them for your wardrobe. Make Sure they go with different looks that you have in your closet.

Aquazzura shoesTom Ford black bootiechloe SandalsSophia Webster SandalsValentino SandalsMiu Miu gladiatore sandalsGiuseppe Zanotti SandalsGianvito RossiStuart Weitzman FlatsChloe sandalsGucci Red Heels


If you are tight on money, but you are dying to have a great pair of nude heels, put them in your shopping cart but don’t buy them as soon as they go on sale because 25% off would not do much for you. Wait until it goes down to at least 50% OFF, then go ahead and purchase them. Well, if they’re gone, don’t go crazy and be angry at your life just because you couldn’t buy them. Remember, we live in a marketing world, and they will always be something cooler waiting for you.
From my experience working at two different luxury stores, the best time of shopping would be around 4th of July. Even though the sales start in May, usually the month of July is the last chance that people can put their hands on the items as Neiman Marcus calls “ The Last Call”. As it says briefly, it is the last call or final sale for who are bargain shoppers and enjoy going through all the racks for six hours straight without a lunch break. Well, It is a Shopping Marathon Month for god sakes.
My Second $ale stop would be The Handbag and accessories department. At this stage, if I don’t find any shoes that I need (rarely happens, uhhm just lied, never happens), I would set an average budget of $600 for handbags depending on the style. As far as accessories go, I like to not spend lots of money on them. For example, the maximum budget I have for a belt is around high $200 unless it’s an unique piece that goes with lots of garments in my closet.





Dior Sunglasses 2016

Christian Dior

I’m Always on a hunt for a good leather and denim jacket no matter what the current season is. especially for leather jackets, I usually find the best ones that are almost 70 percent off this time of the year.

The Reality is We can’t Buy them all, so SHOP Wisely.


Until Then, 





























The Reality is We can’t have them all,


So Shop wisly.

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Hidden Gems in San Francisco

June 13, 2016
Happy weekend beautiful people. As you guys know from the previous post, I’m still in Northern California visiting my family. I must say I was lucky enough to live in San Francisco for seven years, and still get to go there at least every two months to visit my parents. Even though, SF is geographically only 49 square miles, it is such a “huge” city in terms of attraction and amenities. My family and friends who are not from California always ask me where to go when they visit San Francisco. I always try to write down the common places they can visit when they go there like Golden Gate and Bay Bridge, Union Square, China Town, Financial District, Golden Gate Park, Pier 39, Alcatraz, North Beach, and Lombard Street. Since these places are very common to visit, I will not mention them in this post, but instead I would like to recommend some of the hidden places in the city that I’m obsessed with. Keep that in mind these places are not all the attractions, so that means there are lot more places to go in the city beside the ones I’m mentioning here.
Okay, now let’s jump in to it:
  • The 16th Ave Stair Case

16th ave staircase San Francisco

This staircase is 163 steps of mosaic tiles, hidden in the sunset district of San Francisco.
  • Defenestration 


Furnitures have crawled out of the vacant Hugo Hotel at Sixth and Howard.
  • Land’s End 


It has the most amazing view of the pacific ocean.
  • Camera Obscura & Holograph Collection 

Camera obscura san francisco

Based on 15th century design by Leonardo da Vinci, which produces 360 degrees of spectacular live Images of the Seal Rock area.
  • San Francisco Conservatory of Flowers

San Francisco carnivorous plants Nepenthes pitcher plants- beautiful killers

SF Consevatory of flowers

This greenhouse and botanical garden was built in 1878. It houses a collection of rare and exotic plants.
  • Albion Castle 

Albion Castle

A 140 year old Castle with underground caves.
  • Garden of Fragrance

garden of fragrance 1


Designed in 1965 for handicapped people and the visually impaired. The garden is designed to allow a full experience through smell and touch.
  • 450 Shutter Street 



[bd] photography

It is a 26 floor building nested in financial district of San Francisco, which is bright like a jewel in the city.
  • The Parrots of Telegraph Hill 

    the parrots of telegraph hill
    Staircase winds down the side of telegraph hill through gardens, wild parrots flying overhead.
  • Yoda Fountain 

Yoda-FountainThe Star Wars fountain with the bronze topping was installed in 2005.
  • Forbes Island 

Forbes Island Forbes Island 2

In 1975, a millionaire houseboat designer created floating man-made island and upscale restaurant in the San Francisco Bay in Sausalito. The island is a massive creation which was even featured on “ Lifestyles of the rich and famous.” The underwater dining room is decorated in Victorian style with aperture windows gazing in the murky water.
  • Japanese Tea Garden 

Japanese Tea Graden Japanese_Tea_Garden,_San_Francisco

The 1894 Midwinter Exposition continues to delight visitors today. It is the oldest garden in the USA.
  • Wood Line

wood line

It is a man-made eucalyptus grove. The woods that cover San Francisco’s Presidio are only a little over century old, planted in the late 19th century by the U.S. Army.
  • San Francisco’s Cable Car Museum

Sf cable car musuem

It is a whirring powerhouse that offers a subterranean peek into the heart and soul of cable car operations.
  • Place of Fine Arts

Palace of fine art

It is the last remaining relic of San Francisco’s dazzling 1915 Panama Pacific Exhibition.
  • Lotta’s Fountain

Lotta's Fountain

It is San Francisco’s oldest surviving monument for 1906 survivors. The fountain is a twenty-four-foot cast iron sculpture.
  • Hotel Vertigo

Hotel Vertigo hotel vertigo sf

It is a historic hotel that was once used in a Hitchcock film.
  • Treasure Island

Treasure IslandIt is a man-made island that originally constructed as an airport for “flying boats”.
  • The “Full house” House

Full-House The full houseThis private residence was the template for one of the most beloved television homes ever. Also, now it is on market for about 4 million dollars if you are interested to buy. 🙂
  • Hotaling Whiskey Warehouse

Hotaling Whiskey Warehouse

hotaling whiskey sfThe largest whiskey stash on the West Coast survived the 1906 fires. One important building survived the 1906 earthquake, the one holding all the whiskey.
  • Murphy Windmill

murphy windmill The WindmillOnce the largest windmill outside of Holland, with enormous 114 foot sails.
I hope you guys enjoyed reading this post.
Until Then,




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Packing For San Francisco

June 7, 2016
After annoying my family over years of being an over packer, I finally came to realization that light traveling is absolutely perfect. Instead of grabbing all different sorts of garments and being confused about what to wear when you get to your destination, plan the outfits for each day while you are packing.
Summer is around the corner and I’m pretty sure the last thing on your to-do list is figuring out what to pack for your vacation. Personally, the biggest challenge I face is always waiting until the night before to pack. Not to mention- stressing about not having enough outfits and time. As probably most of you guys know from my Instagram, I am going to visit my family today.
Situation: 6:30 AM, currently writing this blog while I’m waiting at the gate to board,  and praying that will be no thunderstorm or rain until my airplane takes off ON TIME.
Note to Self: REMEMBER Toothbrush and Pen this time.
I’ll be in San Francisco for seven days in total. I already have all day family plans for four days, which requires me to have at least three different outfits for each occasion. Also, packing for the three remaining days would be easier if I take less pieces and more combinations.

Now let’s take a look at how I packed for this trip Last Night 🙂 :

Packing tips tibi pants, freepeople top and alice & olivia shorts

  • Decided to take one top, which goes with more than one bottom.

prada shirt, zara denim shorts, zara leather pants

  • Same Strategy for these garments again, but I only packed the shorts since I wore the leather pants and shiny top to the airport.

zara dress and alice & olivia dress

  • Took two dresses, one long for the beach and one short for everyday use.

packing tips, burberry leather jacket

  • Never forget to grab a pair of denim pants on any vacation because it’s just very easy to style. Also, if you ever decide to visit San Francisco, never forget to take your cashmere shirt with at least one jacket. P.S. I did not pack the white denim jacket since I wore that on the airplane.

Shoe packing tips

  • Try to not take too many shoes because you end up not wearing all of them. Keep your shoes in the dust bag to protect them from any dirt.

  • I only packed one pair of heels for my sister’s graduation party.

  • One pair of flat sandals for everyday use, and one for the pool and beach.

  • Also, I wore my favorite sneakers on the Plane.

Hermes bracelets

  • Store your jewelry pieces in separate pouches.

Alexander McQueen Bag

  • Then put the pouches in your handbag to protect them from tangling and getting lost.

Packing tips 2016

  • I like to store all my under garments, swim wears, and pajamas in a big pouch.

Skin care packing, Lamer cream

Makeup packing

  • I like to either use skin care samples or buy traveling size creams when I travel.

  • And as far as makeup goes I try to just grab my everyday use and not over pack.

Packing tips

  • The best Packing Tip is to roll your clothes because it prevents them from wrinkling and saves so much space. What I usually do is roll my clothes and lay them down on the bottom of my suitcase and fill in the extra spaces with my flat sandals or shoes.

packing tips for short trips

Packing tips, burberry leather jacket

  • I try to put the more delicate items on top.


  • Now You see I was able to fit all my seven day outfits in my carry on bag and still have the top part empty just in case if I like to bring goodies from Cali for my beau.

  • SnapChat : parmida04

Until Then,


Parmsi :*


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Oversized Blazer Game!

May 24, 2016
I still feel like because of the weather craziness, the transitional season is not over yet and we all know, this time of the season can be expensive. So, instead of crying over that you can’t spend a dime on your wardrobe because of your summer vacation expenses; revisit your beloved closet and grab a favorite piece from the past seasons, make sure it is still wearable based on the climate, and wear it differently.
There are times that I get stock between 80s and 90s trends specially when I’m homesick and missing my mom. Since I’m in my mid twenties, all I can think of is what my mom used to wear in her twenties (In 1990s). Her wardrobe was filled with all 90s goodies, different bodysuits, high waist denim pants, crop tops and a little throwback of 80s, oversized blazers with shoulder pads.

Topshop oversized blazer

I can say this look is the offspring of these two decades, but more on a settle side (No Neon Please). There is something cool about oversized blazers; I think they make you stand out from other women in public since most of women are into more of a tailored and slim fit ones or I should say more feminine styles. Believe it or not, they make me feel sexy, and they give a bit of Parisian vibe to the outfits. I preferably try to find the ones that are larger than my size (here the blazer is 8 size bigger) :), but if I decide to buy them from the boys department, I like the ones without or minimal sleeve buttons because rolling up the sleeves is way cooler than hiding our sexy arms and wrists underneath them. The length of these type of blazers is perfect, right below the butt, which complements a pair of high waist denim pants (related post), shorts, and skirt suitably. There shouldn’t be any special occasion to wear them; in fact you can wear them all the time in most seasons.
For this look, I wore the blazer with a pair of high-waist shorts that I basically live in since I bought them, and chose the red bodysuit to give the look a bit of color and make it not too dressed up. Guys! You can never go wrong with the strapped sandals. I promise you they go with everything in your closet. They are basically my to go shoes, and I’m sure you saw them many times in my blog posts. Last but not least, I thought Gold accessories would complement this look properly. Since it says 1990 on the body suit, I wore my favorite gold choker and layered it with a double gold necklace. Also, I couldn’t resist not having an arm party, so I grabbed my gold cuff and paired it with the necklaces.

Top Shop blazer and Zara body suit and high waist denim shorts

Zara Bodysuit and Topshop Blazer

Topshop Blazer and Chanel Boy Bag

Zara Red bodysuit and ivory topshop blazer

miu miu sun glasses and bebe gold cuff


zara red bodysuit and Bebe gold turquoise Cuff

Stuart Weitzman Strapped sandals

Outfit Details: 

Top Shop Gold Choker, Sold Out, Similar

Henri Bendel Gold Necklace 

Top Shop Blazer, Old, Similar 

Zara Red Bodysuit 

Zara High-waist Denim Shorts

Bebe Gold Cuff, Old, Similar 

Stuart Weitzman Sandals, Sold Out (Saks exclusive), Similar