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Little Secret About A-line Skirts

June 29, 2016
I remember the boring stage of my life wearing plain mini or pencil skirt almost every night. I guess my philosophy was wearing boring skirts with just a bit cooler tops and call it Style. It took me two years to get over that phase, and thank God it happened. Don’t get me wrong I will always like mini and pencil skirts, but wearing them nonstop is just No Fun. It’s a same feeling as if you wear white T-shirt everyday. As much as we like to collect our basic white T-shirts, putting it on every single day bores me out. We love our pencil skirt for its slimming tricks; so let me tell you that high-waist A-line skirt does a pretty good damn job too. The high-waist gathers most of the muffin tops very firmly like shapewears do for a flatter stomach. A-line with a little flare or ruffle (depending) is great. Your waist will transform to its tiniest shape, which we all ladies love. I would suggest flare over ruffle if you don’t feel comfortable with your hip area yet. As far as the ruffles go, I recommend one layer for mini or shorter skirts; like this grey skirt I’m wearing in this look. For summer maxi skirts, try to find a light cotton or linen. Since it’s longer, more ruffles in different parts of the skirt would add more fun to your look. The great thing about these types of skirts is that they are Versatile, which is one of the main things that our closet always crave for.

You don’t like your thighs? No, Problem

Go with a longer version, like up to your knee, and if you are petite, try to wear them with some sort of heels or even wedges for everyday use. They make you look even taller and slimmer.

If you already have a A-line skirt that the fabric is not too heavy or light, cotton and silk combo, like this skirt I’m wearing here, consider yourself the winner of the A-line skirt jackpot. You definitely can wear it in every single season in different looks for upcoming years.

Guess, What?

  • I think they always be in style just like our favorite pencil Skirts.

  • Don’t be afraid to play with them, they look fantastic with all sorts of different tops.

    For Daily errands:

    try to pair them with plain T-shirts, tuck the T-shirt in depending on the skirt style. Also, a pair of comfortable flat or wedge sandals, flat ballet shoes, or even your favorite sneakers will go beautifully with these types of skirts.

     Cocktail Party:

As you can see I like wearing mine with a silk top tucked in with a pair of heels. You can also style it with your favorite crop top depending on the skirt cut.
Do you guys remember the Rag and Bone skirt I styled with his tuxedo shirt, A-line skirts are matched in heaven with those types of dress shirts. You can tuck the dress shirt in for the slimmer silhouette, half tuck in half out for an edgier look, or even leave all the shirt over the skirt for more of a relaxed vibe.


They look great with all types of denim shirts from plain, acid wash, to distressed kind. I would say I treat denim shirts the same way as tuxedo shirts unless it is a thicker denim fabric, which I would wear over the skirt. Don’t be afraid to throw your oversized sweatshirts or cashmere shirts over the skirt for lazy days. I like pairing the skirt with either over the knee or ankle boots depending on how much skin we like to show. They also look very cool with a pair of tights and oxford shoes.

summer clothes

rebecca taylor A-line Skirt

Aline skirt street wear

gold Choker

A-line Skirt

For this look,

Since the color of the skirt is very soft tone, mix of light grey and dusty pink, I decided to stay with the same color palette for the whole look. To me, this color is just perfect for summer and specially spring season. I must say choosing the same color pallet doesn’t mean SAME COLOR. From my experience, most of my clients are always worried about matching the colors together. For example, if they decide to go with all grey for this look, they would spend hours of frustration to find the perfect match grey top for this skirt. Ladies, there is no policy or rule exist in Fashion. Let the different shades of a color play with each other on your body. Trust me, You will end up loving your overall look better. If you take a look here, I chose a different shade of dusty pink for my top than my zipper linings. The top is slightly darker which helps the zippers to pop out. So, automatically your tiny waist is the highlight of your look.

Be prepare to hear, “ OMG, Did you just loose some weight?” LOL.

I wrapped up my look with a vintage silver clutch, my grandma’s wedding clutch, and my favorite nude shoes.

Until Then, 

Much Love, 


Outfit Details:

Rebecca Taylor A-line Skirt 

Rebecca Minkoff Blouse, Old 

Christian Louboutin Shoes, Old 


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