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Classic Orange Coat | Outfit Of The Day

December 9, 2016

It’s so exciting that coat season is finally here because sometimes you can be lazy for your outfit but be effortless chic at the same time with a classic coat. Although Houston has been pretty chilly these few days, this look is actually from my San Francisco trip I went on a couple of weeks ago. I was excited that it was chilly enough for me to wear my coat out there while Houston was 88 degrees.

Like I said before, I believe in investing money on a right garment. I must confess that sometimes I splurge a good amount of money on a classic coat or leather jacket once or twice a year depending on the deals that I could get that year. I extremely believe in discounts/deals and I can honestly say 85% of my wardrobe were on sale or even final sale when I purchased them. To me, it really is not about having money or not, even if I was wealthy enough I would still try to get the best deal out of anything I would like to buy.

I knew that I have to have this orange coat when I first spotted it on that coat rack. I remember going to work, Saks Fifth Ave, every day checking on my size and making sure it was still available in the store. Since I knew the best price would be in February, I couldn’t convince myself to buy it regular price. It got to the point that we only had one left in my size, and I couldn’t hold it because of the new Saks rule.

The temptation was running high ladies, but I remember I literally started talking to myself in my head saying ” if it lasts the hurricane sale season, I buy it and if not it wasn’t meant to be.” Haha. I had this deep heart to heart conversation for about three months until it finally went on a great deal and I was able to buy it. But honestly all jokes aside, I wouldn’t purchase it if it never went on sale. I knowww, now you’re thinking wow it must have been super expensive, lol. Well, to some of you guys $500 splurging on a coat might seem a good deal, but for me, who gets to only wear it in late fall and winter in Texas is too much. Trust me, Money always looks better in the bank.

I know I’m going on a rant in this post but I swear there is a purpose. I think?

Having the right outerwear that is easy to remove if it gets warm (yay sun!), but it also able to keep me warm when the wind picks up, is hard to come by. As you guys know, I’m a big fan of neutral colors especially when it comes to investment pieces, but I must say investing money on some great colors once in a while will go a long way as well.

I believe this classic orange coat is a perfect choice for unpredictable weather patterns in California and Texas, and it’s an impeccable fit for spring. Who doesn’t like a coat that is multi-seasonal and versatile? If it gets too cold, just use your magic layering game! Too warm? Take it off and let the coat hangs off of your shoulders. There is an effortless classy sophistication about this coat and it can enhance anything from the classic staples (like a turtle neck and jeans) to an evening dress. The simplicity of the design makes it so that there is never an occasion that you couldn’t wear it.


I was Wearing:

Harris Wharf London Coat 

Majestic Paris Turtle Neck Top 

Pacsun Double Buckle Belt, Available in stores not online 

Urban Outfitters High Waist Pants, Old 

Zara Boots, Old 

Alexander Wang Handbag, Old




Location: Pacifica, California

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