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Crazy For Leather Pants | Outfit of The Day

December 22, 2016

I must say when it comes to leather pants, I always have a hard time getting rid of them; even my very cheap faux leather kinds. To me, they just take a casual/ everyday look to a whole new level of a cool and edgy vibe. I’m all about sleeping in this time of the year. I personally prefer to take extra 10-minute morning nap than wasting that time standing in my closet and thinking about what to wear.

Furthermore, leather pants come pretty conveniently in those mornings. Not only they are casual-sporty-office-rock-evening look, but also they suitable in any season, any style, and any age. It’s all about finding a great pair of leather pants with a cut and style to fit your body, and not about how much money you spent on them or if they are real or not. To me, wearing real leather or wearing faux leather is a matter of personal choice and being smart with money. Since I wear leather pants at least two times a week this time of the year, I don’t like my $700-$$$$ be stuck in between the battle of my thighs rubbing each other. Sure! If I find a pair of discounted bad boy real leather pants, I just have to have them and I would buy them right on spot; but it just hasn’t happened yet.

Little side note: when it comes to spending money on any garment, affordable or high-end, make sure the item you are buying goes at least with three pieces in your wardrobe. Then, think about how many times you will end up wearing it in different outfits. Divide the cost of the item to the times you roughly would wear it that season.

Example: Let’s say I will wear this leather pants and denim top at least 20 times this season.

I spent $40 on the top, which I divide by 20 times of being worn = $2.00

So, basically, it means I spent $2 on the pants each time I am wearing them. Great Deal! ha!?

What’s great about this outfit is that only cost me right under $80, and each piece is so versatile uniquely. I see myself wearing the top with different bottoms, all sorts of leather, suede, and denim pants to leather shorts and skirts. I love the lace work on the shoulders; they just make the simple denim top look cool and unique.

Since I was going for more of a casual Sunday look, I paired my outfit with my black flat shoes and a green handbag. After all, it’s almost Christmas guys!

I Hope You Guys Enjoy This Post!

Have a Blessed Christmas <3


I Was Wearing:

Zara Denim Top

Zara Pants

Jimmy Choo Handbag, Old, Similar

Miu Miu Shoes

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