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Packing For San Francisco

June 7, 2016
After annoying my family over years of being an over packer, I finally came to realization that light traveling is absolutely perfect. Instead of grabbing all different sorts of garments and being confused about what to wear when you get to your destination, plan the outfits for each day while you are packing.
Summer is around the corner and I’m pretty sure the last thing on your to-do list is figuring out what to pack for your vacation. Personally, the biggest challenge I face is always waiting until the night before to pack. Not to mention- stressing about not having enough outfits and time. As probably most of you guys know from my Instagram, I am going to visit my family today.
Situation: 6:30 AM, currently writing this blog while I’m waiting at the gate to board,  and praying that will be no thunderstorm or rain until my airplane takes off ON TIME.
Note to Self: REMEMBER Toothbrush and Pen this time.
I’ll be in San Francisco for seven days in total. I already have all day family plans for four days, which requires me to have at least three different outfits for each occasion. Also, packing for the three remaining days would be easier if I take less pieces and more combinations.

Now let’s take a look at how I packed for this trip Last Night 🙂 :

Packing tips tibi pants, freepeople top and alice & olivia shorts

  • Decided to take one top, which goes with more than one bottom.

prada shirt, zara denim shorts, zara leather pants

  • Same Strategy for these garments again, but I only packed the shorts since I wore the leather pants and shiny top to the airport.

zara dress and alice & olivia dress

  • Took two dresses, one long for the beach and one short for everyday use.

packing tips, burberry leather jacket

  • Never forget to grab a pair of denim pants on any vacation because it’s just very easy to style. Also, if you ever decide to visit San Francisco, never forget to take your cashmere shirt with at least one jacket. P.S. I did not pack the white denim jacket since I wore that on the airplane.

Shoe packing tips

  • Try to not take too many shoes because you end up not wearing all of them. Keep your shoes in the dust bag to protect them from any dirt.

  • I only packed one pair of heels for my sister’s graduation party.

  • One pair of flat sandals for everyday use, and one for the pool and beach.

  • Also, I wore my favorite sneakers on the Plane.

Hermes bracelets

  • Store your jewelry pieces in separate pouches.

Alexander McQueen Bag

  • Then put the pouches in your handbag to protect them from tangling and getting lost.

Packing tips 2016

  • I like to store all my under garments, swim wears, and pajamas in a big pouch.

Skin care packing, Lamer cream

Makeup packing

  • I like to either use skin care samples or buy traveling size creams when I travel.

  • And as far as makeup goes I try to just grab my everyday use and not over pack.

Packing tips

  • The best Packing Tip is to roll your clothes because it prevents them from wrinkling and saves so much space. What I usually do is roll my clothes and lay them down on the bottom of my suitcase and fill in the extra spaces with my flat sandals or shoes.

packing tips for short trips

Packing tips, burberry leather jacket

  • I try to put the more delicate items on top.


  • Now You see I was able to fit all my seven day outfits in my carry on bag and still have the top part empty just in case if I like to bring goodies from Cali for my beau.

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Until Then,


Parmsi :*


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