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2018 Resolutions in my Teddy Coat

January 11, 2018


As the first week of 2018 ended so quickly, it reminded me how short life is. Last week, I went on my Insta-Story and asked you guys, if you want me to talk about 2018 resolutions; and why I ditched them this year. Luckily, 92% of you were interested to hear about my side of the story. Therefore, you guys motivated me to write about 2018 resolutions even though 10 days past 2018. Before I start, I really want to thank all you guys for supporting me throughout this career journey of mine. Thanks for taking your time reading my blog posts, interacting with me on Instagram, and supporting my new YouTube Channel.

If you follow me from the beginning, you know I started blogging at the beginning of 2016; not knowing what the heck I was doing. As I got the hang of it, unfortunately, matin got into a very bad accident. Long story short, it took us almost a year after the incident to recover 70%. To be completely honest, we still are not there yet.

By the summer of 2017, I started working on my dream career more consistently. I have to say working hard and being consistent definitely pays off, but unfortunately, it’s not always easy. That being said, I have a fulltime job which has its own responsibilities. I decided to add more platforms and contents for Parmsi, and sharing my life through fashion and beauty in a hope of inspiring some of you guys.

I rambled all these to come to the resolution part and tell you guys my vision for 2018.You don’t have to follow these, and I believe you should follow what works for you. basically do you baby, I’m just here to throw an idea and hopefully, you will be inspired to have your own resolution if you haven’t already. I’m writing this because there are still 355 new opportunities to take and it’s never too late.

  • Set a goal and follow through:

have you heard the phrase,” Do something today that your future self will thank you for?” This phrase needs to be consistently in the back of your mind, especially when you procrastinating doing something. how many times have you put something off because you know it takes time to do? I have to say, I’m definitely guilty of it, but I’m improving a lot. This year, I challenge you to not procrastinate. If you know you can get something done- GET IT DONE! Procrastinating helps no one. Don’t just set a goal and write it as your resolution, but not follow it. MAKE it HAPPEN!

  • Get rid of negativity and surround yourself with inspiration:

Your Dream and Your Goal is YOURS, so don’t let anyone put you down. People will always have their own opinion of you, even the closest, let them have it. Remember, there always highs and lows on the way, and you may disappoint some people around you. However, keep that in mind that they are not walking your path and they don’t know what you are going through. Time is GOLDEN, don’t waste it to prove people what your goal is, instead focus on your goal and be you in 2018.

Surrounding yourself with things that inspire you or make you happy can really help fuel your work and make your workspace more enjoyable to be in! For me, I need constant inspiration, so pages ripped out of magazines, vision board, flowers and even little bits and baubles that make me happy. Also, make sure to surround yourself with people that inspire you as well!

  • Declutter:

An open mind equals an open space. Grab your trash bag, start purging, organize the things you need and you will use, and donate the DONATABLES, toss the rest. It’s as simple as that!! one of my favorite Persian traditions is cleaning my house before the new year arrives. We, Persians believe in starting fresh and clean for the new year. That being said, I always declutter my house after Christmas. Having a place for everything in an organized space means you can focus better and have more clarity. 

Do you Guys have any 2018 resolutions or goals? Comment down below!

How to keep up with new year resolution prams
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Now, let’s jump to the fashion side of this blog post, 🙂

Here I am wearing Pink again, but honestly, nothing bids a good statement Teddy coat, when it’s drab outside. To me, a statement coat in a beautiful color brightens up any dull and dreariness day. This coat is the most affordable and coziest winter coat I currently own. I  spotted it on a SALE rack at H&M and it was love at first sight. I said to myself,

Parmida, Let’s buy your very LAST pink coat of the season. 🙂

In this look, I went for a casual streetwear style. This look is for a busy gal who likes to look cute and edgy but don’t have the time to think about putting together an outfit. That being said, I started with a super basic base. I wore a black turtleneck and jeans, which I know we all have them in our wardrobe. Then I accessorized the base with my Pink fluffy teddy coat as a pop of color.  To wrap up the look, I paired my favorite Oxford flatform from Stella Mccartney because few more inches never killed anyone. Last but not least, I carried my faux fur bag to make sure I’m cozy and fluffy enough for this look.

Have a great Thursday Loves!

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