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Holiday Outfit Under $50 – H&M Haul

December 1, 2016

Hi lovely people,

I hope you had an amazing thanksgiving with your loved ones. As most of you guys know from Instagram posts, I spent my holiday in the bay area with my friends and family and I have to say I’m still daydreaming about it.

As the holiday season starts to fly by, finding a perfect affordable outfit gets much harder. This time of the year, our main priority is buying holiday gifts for our loved ones, which makes the shopping for us a bit harder with the tighter budget. I went out there and found you an outfit that only cost less than $50. To me, this season is all about mixing high-end accessories with super affordable outfits.

Okay, let’s jump into it:

I found this perfect outfit at H&M, which is great for this season and almost all year around. I really believe there is no certain guarantee that if you spend tons of money on an outfit you would definitely be the best version of yourself. Always remember You are the one who wears the garments and not vice versa.  The best advantage about this outfit is that only cost me under $50 and each piece is so versatile that I can wear it almost all year around. I love how light the top feels on my body. You can wear it with all sorts of pants and skirts and definitely able to layer it with jackets and furs in colder times of the season.

I absolutely love this high-waist A-line skirt. Who doesn’t like longer and slimmer legs? Well, I am a big fan of it, so raise your hand if you are with me on this. As we talked before, nothing does a better job than an A-line skirt or dress in this case. I love how this skirt fit me. It sits right above the waist and accentuates the smallest part of my midsection, which helps to hide all the muffin tops and love handles. On a different note, by wearing an A-line skirt, you automatically shift your real waist line up to the smallest part of you mid-section, which not only you will look slimmer but also highlights your legs to be taller.

I combined my affordable outfit with my older accessories to finish up the look. Since Houston is not that cold yet, I wore my Tribute shoes; but if you are living in a colder climate, I would recommend wearing over the knee boots with this type of skirts. Finally, I wrapped up the look with a burgundy clutch and threw a jacket over my shoulders for when it gets cooler at night.

I hope you enjoyed this holiday look!


I Was Wearing:

H&M Top 

H&M Skirt

YSL Tribute Shoes

  • P.S. I purchased these H&M pieces from the store very recent and they are still available, but they didn’t appear to be online. So, I linked the very similar items up here for you guys.

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