You won’t believe How Affordable this Velvet Duster is?

December 13, 2017

Okayyy Houston! We had a moment of a cold front with snow last week, and now all is gone back to the high 60s. Promise, I’m not complaining. Actually, believe it or not, Fall is my favorite time of the year in Houston. Basically, it feels like SF weather in summer lol, in the 70s with very minimal humidity. I don’t know why I have to talk about the weather here every time, so annoying I know. It feels like I’m a weather news gal lol

Holiday Velvet Duster Parmsi Blog

Enough of weather, let’s talk about this fabulous velvet Duster I’m wearing here. Obviously, it’s my favorite otherwise, it wouldn’t make it on the blog. If you notice from the Holiday Dress blog, I’m obsessed with this color, rustic orange/ mustard/ golden … Well, yeah I don’t really know the exact color lol. All I know is, I just love it for this time of the year, it speaks Fall to me. The color is somewhat matching with the leaves that are turning from dark yellow to Orange.

What’s even better beside the color of this velvet duster is the price of it. For a velvet duster to be this high quality, the price is very affordable, under $40. Whattttt??? I know girl I know.

In my opinion, it’s great to own a duster like this in a wardrobe. let’s be real, you can wear it almost all year round except 4 to 5 months max. It is such a great statement piece that easily elevates any lazy looks. By lazy looks I mean the days you don’t feel like putting together an outfit and you just wear your workout clothes even though you haven’t worked out for the past 8 months. ( Don’t worry! we all done it 🙂 I’m on the list too)

Instead, grab a pair of denim, combine it with a basic T-shirt and throw a perfect duster over it. Done! Ditch the workout clothes if you don’t workout unless it motivates you to actually work out.

Holiday Velvet Duster Parmsi Blog
Holiday Velvet Duster Parmsi Blog

I’m actually planning on pairing this Velvet Duster with a v-neck T-shirt, moms jeans, and slides this coming spring/summer. In this look, I wore my favorite Lace Tank (from Urban Outfitters, Shop similar) and paired it with my all-time favorite $30 Zara jeans. To wrap up the look, I wore these cutout Suede booties with my boy bag.


Click on the Image to see my Holiday Makeup Look 🙂


I hope you guys enjoy this look! I will share a very similar look of my outfit down below.

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