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How to Recycle Your Stunning Spring Leather Jacket This Fall

November 16, 2016

One of my absolute favorite pieces of clothing is the bike leather jacket. It’s just so versatile and makes any outfit look cool and edgy. Usually, when it comes to buying a leather jacket, I automatically go for neutral colors. They can be worn with anything you can imagine almost all year around. Although I mostly save money to buy neutral jackets, I have a couple of colorful ones here and there.

This time, I decided to repurpose my yellow leather jacket this fall. You might say “But it’s yellow”! Well, to me, there is no rule when it comes to wearing what I like. I always tell my clients, wear what makes you feel good in any color, and then try to style the garment for the appropriate season with your accessories and rest of the outfit. My whole thing is repurposing what you own and don’t buy new, quality over quantity. I Personally rather have a small wardrobe full of versatile pieces than a gigantic closet full of clothes that you won’t remember half of the garments’ existence. Try to go through your closet as often as you can and if you have no time for it, at least do it twice a year. I promise you will end up finding some gems hanging in between your T-shirt racks.

This Jose Sanchez yellow leather jacket has become one of my favorites in the closet. I just love to wear it not only with blue jeans but also for more fancy occasions. I love wearing these types of bike leather jackets over a cocktail dress all year around. They also look great with high-waist summer shorts and flowy dresses in spring and summer. All the laser cuts and zipper detailings make the jacket even more special for me.

For this look, I tried to play with different colors to give the bright yellow a little warm and fall feel. I paired the leather jacket with my favorite russet crewneck mini dress, which I turned into a top. You might remember it from my ” When The Wrapped Skirt Meet the City” blog.

I went for a pair of boyfriend distressed jeans for more of a comfy and edgy look, and paired it with a pair of fun embellished shoes.

I hope you enjoyed the look!


Little info about JOSE SANCHEZ:

He is a Mexican designer, famous for his leather work. He’s been in a fashion industry more than 30 years and has gorgeous showrooms in some cities including Mexico City, Sao Paolo, Los Angeles, and Houston. If you are into leather garments, you might see Jose’s creations in world’s most important fashion magazines. I would suggest my Houston and Los Angeles readers to definitely check his showrooms out.


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