How to Style His Jacket This Fall

September 29, 2017

Hi Beauties,

I hope you are enjoying the last few days of September. September really is one of my favorite months of the year. Not just because it’s my birthday hehe, but it’s a pretty big month in fashion industry too. I mean, think about it, it’s a transitional month, you can have a taste of both seasons, summer and fall. It starts out by partying hard by the pool for labor day and leave us with pumpkin spice latte and pumpkin patches.

Let’s not forget that it’s just a great month to save money and recover from the damage we made over Summer SALE at Neiman Marcus. After all, it’s a transitional month so we can still wear our summer clothes with a tweak. Last but Not least, I have to say September is a very special month in my personal life. Matin and I are celebrating two anniversaries this month, one for our engagement and one for when we started dating LOL.

Guys! I’m so excited for this jacket season. something about this time of the year that excites me about wearing jackets while I’m melting in Houston heat. I took advantage and snuck this green jacket from his closet while I was packing for New Orleans.


Olive is one my absolute favorite colors in fall. You would think I should have all these olive color garments, but surprisingly I only own an H&M trench coat and a pair of pants. Honestly, I was pretty surprised that I barely own anything in olive. As I’m turning around to see what’s going on on his side of the closet, I spot an olive jacket kind of smooched behind other jackets. Well, now his jacket is sitting pretty on my side of the closet :). Call it SMART Shopping!

His jacket worked perfectly with the outfit I’m wearing here. I started the outfit by pairing my Zara crop top that I wore all summer with my classic High-Waist Black pants that I wear in fall and winter. See, I used both seasons garments in one look. threw his jacket over to make the look edgier with its oversized style. Also, it’s perfect during the day when you don’t like to show much skin versus at night. I like this kind of timeless jackets that I can bring back into my wardrobe every year :).

enough of his jacket, I wrapped up the look by wearing my current favorite Marni boots. As you guys know how lazy I am, I didn’t carry any bag. I mean who wants to carry a bag while sightseeing New Orleans for the First time. Afterall, I’m a Millenial.

I hope you guys enjoyed this look! Here are some of my favorite His jackets you can incorporate into your looks.

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