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How To Wear Your Summer Culottes This Fall

November 8, 2016

I have to confess these hot days in Houston are just not my cup of tea.  You have no idea how much I was looking forward to this fall for not shaving my legs! Oh, common we all know sometimes you forget to shave them too! I’m one of those people who would rather be a slick steal than anything else. Plus I hate when you feel like your legs are the “medium- duty”, the yellow and green, dish scrub sponge ready to scrub the bottom of the pan. Well, I know pants can get hot especially the skinny ones, so I found a solution for it. I mostly wear the loosey-goosey ones this time of the year.

A couple of tips on how to wear pants on a hot day:

  • Stay with the lighter shades of colors. I would suggest wearing darker shades of autumn colors like burgundy, copper, gray, and etc. on top. Try to stay in neutral tones for the pants because lighter shades won’t absorb as much as heat as darker shades do. Also, a bonus point is when you pick a neutral color with a right fabric; you will end up wearing the pants all year around.
  • As far as fabric goes, If I were you I wouldn’t invest my money on linen, which you can only wear in Spring/summer, or wool, which you will end up wearing mostly in winter. I personally prefer my pants to be made of a mix of viscose and rayon. I love how the fabric feels on my body! It breathes, is slinky/loose, and is made into modern cool clothing. The only downside I would recall is that the fabric tends to wrinkle. It’s not as much as linen does but it can get wrinkled up fast; so always hang them in the closet otherwise, you will end up ironing your life away for a long time.

Little more cheat chat about Viscose in this blog!I started my outfit with this burgundy boat neck for more of a fall mood. I love this top and I’ve been wearing it for years; it’s one of those random $13 Nordstrom tops that I won’t get rid of until its death.

Since the top is very simple, I paired it with a pair of super high waist A.L.C. culottes. Yes, I’m aware of my weird obsession with culottes, but from a petite girl, I love how I’m not worried about altering them. Well, at least to me it’s a big plus. If you’re going to lounge, wear a sexy body suit or a crop top to complement these types of pants. It sounds so cliche and I said it many times but Versatility is key. I enjoy wearing my culottes all year around even though I know people are sick of them.:) They never look bad with any types of shoes. If you are petite and don’t enjoy wearing them with flats and tired of heels, try them with some platform flats. They always help to bring out your inner spice girl! And, who doesn’t like that?

For an edgier vibe, I wore my favorite python look booties. Also,I chose to go with my simple classic Chloe clutch and have the culottes and booties shine through the look.

I Hope You Enjoyed The Look!!



parmsi-summer-culotess- fall-5
parmsi-summer-culotess- fall-3
parmsi-summer-culotess- fall-10
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