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Flexible Fashion

April 20, 2016

Happy Wednesday beautiful people! I hope you guys had an amazing weekend!

You know those days where you dig through everything in your closet and think, “I have absolutely nothing to wear”? Well, those days happen to me often than you’d think, especially when I’m pressed for time. Thank goodness to leather pants. They never fail to elevate our style game in any occasion. I can say they are one of my hassle-free and stylish pieces that I wear a lot this time of the year.




I like the way these Zara boots merge with the pants, giving the illusion that they are attached to each other. I enjoy being able to mix high street with high-end pieces because it creates a more grounded look, don’t you think?To complete the outfit, I felt that I needed to look springier, so I went with my favorite dusty pink purse and scarf. I love how the white color stands against the black pants and grey clouds. Remember, you don’t need a special occasion to wear leather pants. I’d wear them everyday if I could, weather at work or out for brunch on the weekends with the important people in my life. Give me an edgy look that’s casual and contemporary, I’m in!





I was wearing:

Hat | |

Top | |

Leather Pants & Boots | |

Scarf | |

Bag | |


Black Polish

March 30, 2016

Happy Hump-Day beautiful readers! I am so ready for tomorrow and can’t wait to visit my beautiful Family and the city, San Francisco, after 3 months. I will stroll through the streets that I love and get inspired by. You can follow me from Ashby to the ends of Golden Gate Bridge on Snapchat: parmsi, and/or on Instagram: @parmsi. 🙂



Wearing Black always makes me feel sophisticated and confident without too much hassle. This beautiful Dress from Zara is great because it’s the perfect length to wear with stocking and booties for Fall/Winter or pair it alone with strapped heel sandals in spring. It is definitely a go-to dress in any occasion when I can’t figure out what to wear; its simplicity is consistently reliable.

The dress is velvet and elegant with just the right amount of detailing, like the flare sleeves and the lace work on front of the top. These unexpected small things make all the difference and take this seemingly simple black dress to another level. I finished the look with my absolute favorite strapped-heel sandals and the black/burgundy purse to match with my makeup.

What Do you guys think?






Bohemian Chic

March 27, 2016

Sunday is my favorite day of the week. My beau and I try our best to maintain our Sunday brunch and photo-shoot ritual every week. Although it seems to be a relaxing day, sometimes it’s the busiest day of the week. There are family and friend gatherings on Sundays at times which we need to attend. We have to rush the shoot in the morning so we don’t have to postpone them for later that day after a full meal with bloated body and tired face. We absolutely don’t like to miss out on seeing our loved ones, so we try to plan the day ahead. On those Sundays, I usually wake up pretty early to get ready for the shoot, so we get the best out of the daylight. I have to keep my makeup looking fresh throughout the day, so I grab some of my touchup goodies in my purse; such as a pencil eye and lip liner, lipstick, blush and highlighter. As far as the outfit goes, I need to pick something that works for the blog and the event that day, since there is no time to go home and change. For me, Sundays are called for pairing a bodysuit with denim pants with the twist of style.





I absolutely adore this long dress/cover-up I was wearing for this look. I love the way the fabric wrapped around my body and how flattering it was. I like all the lace detail works on the top and how it was fitted until it hit the waist and dropped from the waist down. I have worn it many times for different looks. You can definitely wear it with high waist vintage Levis shorts for summer or as a beautiful cover up over your swimsuits.





Happy Easter to all of you lovely readers that celebrate the holiday.
I was wearing :
Cover-up & Flat Sandals | WWW.ANTHROPOLOGIE.COM |



When the Wrapped Skirt Meets the City!

February 24, 2016

Hey guys! I hope you have had an amazing week so far! I’m going to post the fashion blog of this week a little sooner than Friday because I will be out of country. Two days ago, I lost my beloved grandfather back in Iran, and I’m leaving to join my family to celebrate his prosperous life back home.

I have always liked the wrapped skirts. You can wear them alone, over a baiting suit, or even a dress. I found this skirt at Urban Outfitter on the sale rack and it cost me less than $20. I love how it has different adjusting buttons inside the belt area for different looks. You can wear it tighter over swimsuit to make the skirt flow when you walk, or wear it looser for the street wear. When you wear it looser, it hangs right above your hips and shows less leg than when you wear it tight.




Believe it or not the top that I paired with this skirt is a DRESS! One of my favorite online stores at the moment is Naked Wardrobe, where I ordered this dress. Unfortunately, when I received the dress, it was too short. Since I loved everything about the dress, I decided instead of returning it I will wear it as a top. The mock neck and the color is perfection and the fabric is very soft and comfortable. I wore a big gold statement necklace to make the look a bit dressier.




When the weather is cold, I usually wear the skirt with booties and throw a black fur west on! In this look, I went for my favorite sandal pumps and finished it up with the burgundy and black purse to add a little color to the overall look.

I hope you guys enjoy this look!


P.S. I am posting more pictures in this post than context since I only have 3 hours to pack, shower, and get ready!

Special Thanks to the photogropher, Shahram Faghirloo for this amazing shoot!

Hug your loved ones a little tighter for me today. Whole lotta love!

See you soon.

I was Wearing:

Necklace | |

Top | |

Skirt | |

Shoes | |

Purse | |




January 15, 2016

As I’m building my wardrobe,  I’m learning to quit the habit of saying “I gotta buy it! just because it’s so cheap!”. I try not to spend crazy money on apparel, so I hunt for unique and statement pieces that I could wear all year around. When I go shopping, I constantly ask myself :

How many times will I wear this?

Does it look unique enough for the price I’m paying?

Can I use it in different looks and outfits?

In this case, it is all about the JACKET!!

I went for white because you can wear it in every season; wear it with bright colors or all white for spring and summer, and

mix it with darker colors to give it warmth for fall and winter. In this look, I chose to wear the jacket with all black, so the white

would stand out. Plus, black is naturally slimming, and it’s known to be the favorite color after the holiday season!

All the detail work on the shoulders and the tailor cut of the jacket definitely make it stand out and be unique.

Even though I went all black with the jacket, I tried to show some skin by choosing a long skirt with a slit.


I wrapped up the outfit by choosing burgundy handbag to give the look more color and warmth!

The Look

Haute Hippie Jacket

Vince Silk Shirt

Helmut Lang Skirt

Zara Boots

Alexander McQueen Cross Body Bag