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March 27, 2016

Sunday is my favorite day of the week. My beau and I try our best to maintain our Sunday brunch and photo-shoot ritual every week. Although it seems to be a relaxing day, sometimes it’s the busiest day of the week. There are family and friend gatherings on Sundays at times which we need to attend. We have to rush the shoot in the morning so we don’t have to postpone them for later that day after a full meal with bloated body and tired face. We absolutely don’t like to miss out on seeing our loved ones, so we try to plan the day ahead. On those Sundays, I usually wake up pretty early to get ready for the shoot, so we get the best out of the daylight. I have to keep my makeup looking fresh throughout the day, so I grab some of my touchup goodies in my purse; such as a pencil eye and lip liner, lipstick, blush and highlighter. As far as the outfit goes, I need to pick something that works for the blog and the event that day, since there is no time to go home and change. For me, Sundays are called for pairing a bodysuit with denim pants with the twist of style.





I absolutely adore this long dress/cover-up I was wearing for this look. I love the way the fabric wrapped around my body and how flattering it was. I like all the lace detail works on the top and how it was fitted until it hit the waist and dropped from the waist down. I have worn it many times for different looks. You can definitely wear it with high waist vintage Levis shorts for summer or as a beautiful cover up over your swimsuits.





Happy Easter to all of you lovely readers that celebrate the holiday.
I was wearing :
Cover-up & Flat Sandals | WWW.ANTHROPOLOGIE.COM |



GREY Is The New Black!

February 5, 2016

I believe there isn’t  a soul on the planet who doesn’t like white or black! So the result of this beautiful color marriage is the cool and poised color called Grey. Grey exudes class and is one of my favorite colors in any shade. You will probably see lots of grey in the blog as we go on! I feel like you can’t go wrong with grey because it goes with every color.

In this look, I mixed all different shades of grey together. Lets start from the jacket!! I have a special love for leather jackets, real or faux, as long as they have an unique look to them.  What I like about this faux jacket is the edgy look it has with the cute peplum around the waist, which defines the waist line and gives you a great curve. I chose to wear a black top with it since I wore grey necklaces.

I love stripes, but they are tricky because they can make you look bigger. Try to choose vertical stripes to make you look slimmer and taller. I found these linen stripped pants and shoes at Urban Outfitters, my favorite store. I went with different shades of grey to make the look more fun. I finished it up with the silver shoes and handbag.


I was wearing:

Cusp Collection Jacket | |

Black Silk Top | |

Pants and Shoes | |

Handbag | |

Sunglasses | |


Classic Trench Coat

January 29, 2016

Since school starts next Monday, we decided to go on a little getaway before the isolation season begins. As probably some of you guys know I’m a fashion design student who has a full-time job and special love for blogging!

I’ve been to Galveston before, but never went to 21st street. This past weekend we explored Galveston island for our casual weekend look. I must say I’m so impressed with how beautiful the island is! All the old buildings reminded me of the Texan movies my grandpa used to watch. I appreciate any artwork including street art and old architect, they bring my old soul out.

OK! Let’s talk about this amazing trench coat that I’m obsessed with. I usually don’t shop for a particular item in mind. If something catches my eyes and goes with my wardrobe, I have to have it. Something amazing about trench coats are that they go with everything and make your look very sophisticated. I found this coat in one of my favorite stores,, on the sale rack. What makes this trench coat more special and unique is the color combo they used. I love how they used a navy and camel color combo for the plaid design on the back and sleeves; it makes me feel slimmer. I can’t stop wearing this coat since Houston is not cold enough to wear heavy coats.

I love going casual with this coat! I paired it with my faux leather pants from Zara and wore a black top since it’s a great contrast with the classic camel. finally wrapped up my look with my ultimate all time favorite ballet flat shoes.