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Nostalgic Memories

April 9, 2016

A 16 year old girl moved from Iran to San Francisco a decade ago wondering about what she should do with her life. It took me only eight years 🙂 to finally realize I must follow my heart and do what I’ve always loved. I must say, I am lucky enough to have an amazing partner who has encouraged me to do what I have passion for.

Note to Self: Late is better than Never, and everything you imagine is REAL.



Lets go back to where it all got started, Redwood Shores, CA. Shores will always be home where I’d spent most of my teenage years with my beautiful family. Every time I go back there to visit my family, I have to stroll around the neighborhood to refresh some good memories. From volunteering at my sister’s school, tutoring at the library, to having my first office job at a bank two blocks away from home. So, I could not resist sharing with you some of my favorite spots in the area.

Probably you guys already saw the look on Instagram few days ago. 🙂 Yes, I can never wait! As you know I love jump suits! To me they are the most comfortable, stylish, effortless garments that you can wear any time of the day or night for any occasion. For this look, I paired the jumpsuit with my favorite sandal pumps, that you already saw me wearing a zillion times, and a blush color clutch to give it more of a spring look. As it was getting darker, the weather got cooler, so I decided to give it a try and wear my black leather jacket over it. What do you guys think?


You can also wear this jumpsuit with flat shoes and wear an oversized knit top over it for cooler nights and still be stylish. (That’s what I wore later that night at a family dinner) 🙂


I hope you guys are having an amazing weekend!

Until then,








I Was Wearing:

Body Suit | |

Clutch | |

Leather Jacket |  |



Flower Power

March 18, 2016

The gentle breeze will blow a new vitally to the barren earth

The old will become young


Happy Persian New Year to all you Persian lovers. For all my non-Persian readers, Nowruz literally translate to a new day in Farsi. Nowruz has been celebrated for over 3000 years. The Persian New Year falls on the very first day of spring, which is Farvardin 1st in Iranian calendar.

We have had a great spring weather in Houston in the past few days. All trees are evergreen, sight and smell of blossoms are everywhere. On our way coming back from a family gathering this past sunday, we spotted some pretty unique areas to shoot this look. I must say spring is beautiful in every aspect. No doubt nature shines the most dolled up in floral prints.


Yes! I agree! Crop top is certainly not the easiest trend to style, but pulling it off doesn’t have to be nerve-wracking. Crop top doesn’t automatically mean a bared belly button, 90s pop stars. There are plenty of ways to style a crop top so that you are showing only a demur hint of skin, and not your whole stomach. In this look, the black top, which is different from any other crop tops; the faboulus fabric makes the top look more elegant and the step gives the top a sexy ” One-Shoulder” effect. I paired the top with a super high-waist pair of black skinny trousers. The high waist sits beautifully on the body and covers all the holiday guilt. Since the pants are skinny and black, they make the legs look taller. The slits on the pants style the pants unique and sexy. The crop top and the pants go nicely together and some people think it is a jumpsuit. I tied up my look by wearing my absolute favorite black heels ( The last lifestyle post) and a green bag to make the look more fun.

I think sporting this look with a black pencil skirt instead would be very elegant as well; keeping that it’s an over the knee skirt.







I was wearing:

Cropped Top | |

High- Waist Pants | |

Shoes | |

Bag | |


Rain or Shine, We Shall Shine

March 11, 2016
Houston climate is known for being unpredictable; a sunny minute could turn into a bursting downpour the next moment. It can make shooting outdoors a bit more challenging.
Luckily, the beautiful spring and that summer heat is just around the corner, which means that this transitional weather is a perfect time to experiment with wearing just a T-shirt and layering it with different fabrics. I love oversized clothing especially blazers to enhance that comfortable laid-back vibe the warmer weather brings. It’s hard not to fall in love with comfortable distressed denim, which cost me less than $50. I believe the higher the waist line is, the longer and slimmer the legs will appear. I like playing around with loose layers, simple T-shirt with my amazing ForLoveandLemons bralette, which was a gift from a dear friend, for the days when I’m on the go. With the shirt being very simple and basic, I like that the texture and length of the oversized ivory blazer increases the sophistication of the outfit, making it suitable for any time of the day. To tie the look together, I thought it’s nicer to wear a black stylish set of heels to match the black stripes on the blazer and give my legs a little more length compared to wearing flats. You can definitely wear this outfit with white sneakers for a casual look. Last but not least, I accessorized my outfit with my favorite gold choker.







I was wearing:
Choker | |
T-Shirt and Denim | |
Blazer and Shoes | |
Have a Great Weekend!



Effortless Beauty!

March 4, 2016

Bow Down Stacey Bendet!

I have an ultimate obsession with Alice + Olivia. Stacey, the CEO and designer of Alice + Olivia, has been playing with my heart since she came out with those fabulous “Stacey Pants” and 20-item collection later in 2002. What makes her more inspiring is that she didn’t even go to Fashion school. She studied International Relation and French at the University of Pennsylvania. The brand was named after her mother, Olivia, and her college best friend’s mother, Alice. All the Alice + Olivia boutiques are designed by talented Stacey herself. I’m absolutely in love with the LA store on Melrose. One of the great things about her garments is that they are easy to wear because she puts so much energy into the design that you just wear them alone and you look like a million bucks.


Alice and Olivia Dress with Prada sandals

Alice and Olivia sequence dress

If you notice I didn’t even try hard in this look. I wore this amazing dress with a simple Strap Heel Sandals. Since it has all the fun designs of birds and white sequence, I didn’t need to wear any jewelry. I’m not a big fan of super sparkly clothes, but there was something special about this dress. It is such a live dress because of all the birds and butterflies on it. t is absolutely perfect for any occasion since it’s not super dressed up nor casual. I probably have worn this dress over 10 times and let me tell you something, when I love a piece I wear it over and over again, and I don’t care what people think. Since the red was popping out the most, I went with the red Strap Heel Sandals and bag.

Special Thanks to the amazing photographer Shahram Faghirloo for the great pictures!

Alice and Olivia dress with red lipstick

Alice and Olivia dress and street style

I was wearing:
Alice and Olivia Dress, Old, Similar
Prada Shoes, Old, Similar
Random Nordstrom Clutch, Old, Similar
Lip: M.A.C



When the Wrapped Skirt Meets the City!

February 24, 2016

Hey guys! I hope you have had an amazing week so far! I’m going to post the fashion blog of this week a little sooner than Friday because I will be out of country. Two days ago, I lost my beloved grandfather back in Iran, and I’m leaving to join my family to celebrate his prosperous life back home.

I have always liked the wrapped skirts. You can wear them alone, over a baiting suit, or even a dress. I found this skirt at Urban Outfitter on the sale rack and it cost me less than $20. I love how it has different adjusting buttons inside the belt area for different looks. You can wear it tighter over swimsuit to make the skirt flow when you walk, or wear it looser for the street wear. When you wear it looser, it hangs right above your hips and shows less leg than when you wear it tight.




Believe it or not the top that I paired with this skirt is a DRESS! One of my favorite online stores at the moment is Naked Wardrobe, where I ordered this dress. Unfortunately, when I received the dress, it was too short. Since I loved everything about the dress, I decided instead of returning it I will wear it as a top. The mock neck and the color is perfection and the fabric is very soft and comfortable. I wore a big gold statement necklace to make the look a bit dressier.




When the weather is cold, I usually wear the skirt with booties and throw a black fur west on! In this look, I went for my favorite sandal pumps and finished it up with the burgundy and black purse to add a little color to the overall look.

I hope you guys enjoy this look!


P.S. I am posting more pictures in this post than context since I only have 3 hours to pack, shower, and get ready!

Special Thanks to the photogropher, Shahram Faghirloo for this amazing shoot!

Hug your loved ones a little tighter for me today. Whole lotta love!

See you soon.

I was Wearing:

Necklace | |

Top | |

Skirt | |

Shoes | |

Purse | |



Jumpsuit & Suede Jacket

February 12, 2016


They are easy to wear, stylish and you can dress them up or down. I do get lots of petite clients who are afraid of jumpsuits because they think they have to be slim and tall to wear them. Ladies try them on!! There is no such thing that they are only great for tall people, they actually can make you slimmer and taller. There are many brands out there who make great jumpsuits! I will post some links on the bottom of this post. Continue Reading…


GREY Is The New Black!

February 5, 2016

I believe there isn’t  a soul on the planet who doesn’t like white or black! So the result of this beautiful color marriage is the cool and poised color called Grey. Grey exudes class and is one of my favorite colors in any shade. You will probably see lots of grey in the blog as we go on! I feel like you can’t go wrong with grey because it goes with every color.

In this look, I mixed all different shades of grey together. Lets start from the jacket!! I have a special love for leather jackets, real or faux, as long as they have an unique look to them.  What I like about this faux jacket is the edgy look it has with the cute peplum around the waist, which defines the waist line and gives you a great curve. I chose to wear a black top with it since I wore grey necklaces.

I love stripes, but they are tricky because they can make you look bigger. Try to choose vertical stripes to make you look slimmer and taller. I found these linen stripped pants and shoes at Urban Outfitters, my favorite store. I went with different shades of grey to make the look more fun. I finished it up with the silver shoes and handbag.


I was wearing:

Cusp Collection Jacket | |

Black Silk Top | |

Pants and Shoes | |

Handbag | |

Sunglasses | |