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Face Oil Benefits & What’s Best for All Skin Types?

May 4, 2018

I’ve been receiving some DMs on Instagram about Facial Oils that I sometimes share on IG stories. That being said, I decided to share some of my personal knowledge about Face Oils because I know they can be confusing.

We’ve been taught in our whole life that Oils are not good for your skin, but in fact, they can be the key to keep your skin soft and beautiful. believe it or not, there are some face oils that help your skin to fight acne (seriously!).

Think of face oils like vitamins to your skin. the very first thing you need to know is that Face oils are oils not a substitute for the daily moisturizer. For daytime use, I suggest dry oil or mixing face oil with your foundation. This way your skin receives all the benefits from the face oil while getting coverage from the foundation. And, save your more intense face oil for overnight, after washing your face.

  • What are Face Oils and their Benefits?

Oils are Oils. They are also emollients, which means they soften and sooth the skin. Unlike creams and ointments, which sink deep into the skin for long-lasting hydration, Face oils tend to hang out near the surface. They sink into the skin just enough to nourish the top layer. In other words, Face oils are not moisturizers as I mentioned earlier. “Your cells drink the water while oils stay on the outside of the cell for protection and lubrication.” says aesthetician Ling Chan. That being said, Face Oil is essential to healthy skin, since it keeps moisture locked in.


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Face Oils are often packed with essential nutrients, fatty acids, and antioxidants. They repair and protect the skin barrier, which helps skin absorb other skincare products. If you’re not seeing the dreamy skin you imagined you would from serums and moisturizers alone, an oil might be able to make that happen. (Just Saying)

  • Face Oil for all Skin Type


Can we just simply say this face oil is heaven in a bottle?

I don’t like to write about a skincare product here as soon as I receive it or start using it. I have to give it a fair couple months of usage in order to give my 100 percent honest review. I received this Banish Oil in my PR package along with other skincare products about four months ago, in Jan.

As you may already know from Youtube, I have a combination skin, a tad bid oily T-zone but overall dry skin. In the other words, I still feel dryness even in the shinier/Oily areas of my face. That being said, heavy and thick face oils could clog my pores.

I finally found a perfect Face Oil that keeps the moisture locked in, balance my skin oil, brighten my skin with vitamin C, and keep me young with its antioxidant ingredients.

The number one ingredient is Glycerin. Glycerin is naturally derived from plant oils. it moisturizes the skin by drawing water from the air into the skin’s outer layer. It also forms a protective layer that helps prevent moisture loss. Also, Glycerin doesn’t clog pores, cause acne or blackhead. In fact, it is used to treat acne and skin infections. It also helps with wrinkles and fine lines.

Beside the Glycerin, Vitamin C plays a big role as a key ingredient in The Banish Oil as well. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that protects the skin from the effects of aging. It is necessary for collagen production and maintenance. It also brightens your skin and helps fade dark spots.

I personally use The Banish Oil overnight or I add a drop to my day moisturizer on my no makeup days. Shortly after using it, I noticed my skin is getting brighter, and no sign of little dry patches on my skin all wintertime. It is a perfect Face oil for both ladies and gents.

I honestly can go on and keep talking about face oils and their benefits. I hope you guys like this face oil blog. Please let me know, down below in comment section, what you like to read about next time and ask me any question you may have about face oils.