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Crazy For Leather Pants | Outfit of The Day

December 22, 2016

I must say when it comes to leather pants, I always have a hard time getting rid of them; even my very cheap faux leather kinds. To me, they just take a casual/ everyday look to a whole new level of a cool and edgy vibe. I’m all about sleeping in this time of the year. I personally prefer to take extra 10-minute morning nap than wasting that time standing in my closet and thinking about what to wear. Continue Reading…


Flexible Fashion

April 20, 2016

Happy Wednesday beautiful people! I hope you guys had an amazing weekend!

You know those days where you dig through everything in your closet and think, “I have absolutely nothing to wear”? Well, those days happen to me often than you’d think, especially when I’m pressed for time. Thank goodness to leather pants. They never fail to elevate our style game in any occasion. I can say they are one of my hassle-free and stylish pieces that I wear a lot this time of the year.




I like the way these Zara boots merge with the pants, giving the illusion that they are attached to each other. I enjoy being able to mix high street with high-end pieces because it creates a more grounded look, don’t you think?To complete the outfit, I felt that I needed to look springier, so I went with my favorite dusty pink purse and scarf. I love how the white color stands against the black pants and grey clouds. Remember, you don’t need a special occasion to wear leather pants. I’d wear them everyday if I could, weather at work or out for brunch on the weekends with the important people in my life. Give me an edgy look that’s casual and contemporary, I’m in!





I was wearing:

Hat | |

Top | |

Leather Pants & Boots | |

Scarf | |

Bag | |


Classic Trench Coat

January 29, 2016

Since school starts next Monday, we decided to go on a little getaway before the isolation season begins. As probably some of you guys know I’m a fashion design student who has a full-time job and special love for blogging!

I’ve been to Galveston before, but never went to 21st street. This past weekend we explored Galveston island for our casual weekend look. I must say I’m so impressed with how beautiful the island is! All the old buildings reminded me of the Texan movies my grandpa used to watch. I appreciate any artwork including street art and old architect, they bring my old soul out.

OK! Let’s talk about this amazing trench coat that I’m obsessed with. I usually don’t shop for a particular item in mind. If something catches my eyes and goes with my wardrobe, I have to have it. Something amazing about trench coats are that they go with everything and make your look very sophisticated. I found this coat in one of my favorite stores,, on the sale rack. What makes this trench coat more special and unique is the color combo they used. I love how they used a navy and camel color combo for the plaid design on the back and sleeves; it makes me feel slimmer. I can’t stop wearing this coat since Houston is not cold enough to wear heavy coats.

I love going casual with this coat! I paired it with my faux leather pants from Zara and wore a black top since it’s a great contrast with the classic camel. finally wrapped up my look with my ultimate all time favorite ballet flat shoes.