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Reliving the 90s| Mini Skirt & Flatform Shoes

May 20, 2016
SPRING is GREAT. The sun shines in most cities except Houston, as I’m writing this sentence in my bedroom aka office lol, Houstonians are facing the worst thunderstorm of their lives. God knows how we are going to have our photo shoot today:(. Since the weather is about to get better, it’s the official time to release ourselves from the prison of coldness that made us put sweaters and pants on most of the season.

IT IS LEG SEASON LADIES! Let that midi skirt be the new mini skirt again.

street Wear stella maccartney skirt

90s style, choker and flatform shoes

Iro shirt and gray mini skirt

I understand that we already talked about this Stella McCartney skirt before (Related blog), but I’ve like to show you how I invest on something more expensive. I make sure I can wear it for at least 2 seasons or even all year around.


The soft, flexible combination of wool and cotton make this Stella McCartney skirt the perfect fit for a spring day. As if you already read the old blog post, you know how much I love the exquisite detailing on the front. The rope applique’ quickly enhances this gray ensemble from simple to elegant.

Street style 2016 parmida hamzeh

IRO destroyed Tshirt

I’m a big fan of all different sorts of T-shirts because I believe they go with all types of bottoms, skirts, shorts, and pants. I like to collect all different types of T-shirts from slim fit to 3 size bigger than my actual size lol. Well, it really depends on what I’m wearing it with. And lets not talk about how important is collecting the right basic white T-shirts for different looks because it needs its own separate blog post.
I have a weird obsession over distressed T-shirts because I think they dressed down the look just the right amount, and give the look a bit of edgy vibe. For this outfit, I paired the skirt with my favorite IRO T-shirt, which is 3 size bigger than my usual size. 🙂 The shirt is 100 percent linen, which makes it very soft and comfortable. The color goes pretty much with anything in my closet, so this buy has been a WIN WIN situation.

mini skirt and flatform shoes

zara flatform sandals

Oh By the way, aren’t we all reliving the 90s all over again?

In this case, nothing is better than wrapping up the look with my favorite chunky flat-form sandals and leather choker. Well if you miss Spice Gilrs, it’s a best time to invest in some flat/plat-form sandals. For me, I can never have enough of them, so I will post some of my favorite ones down below this post.

Well, I blamed it on the weather to steal his denim jacket. 🙂 

Hanmade leather turquoise choker

Denim jacket and Stella McCartney

Mens denim jacket

I was Wearing:
Handmade Vintage Leather Choker
IRO T-shirt
Stella McCartney Mini Skirt, Old
Zara Chunky Flatform Sandals, Old, Similar
Jimmy Choo Handbag, Old, Similar
G-Star RAW Denim Jacket,Sold out, Similar


Check out my favorite Ftat/Plat- Form Shoes I love:





Miu Miu Flatform Sandals

Miu Miu Flatform Sandals

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From Day to Night with Stella McCartney!

February 20, 2016

Do you have those days that you work 9 hours and you have to meet up with your friends at night, but you have no extra time in between to switch your outfit?

Yes! I have those days almost every week!

In this post, I’d like to share with you some alternative looks you can wear with one outfit. As a fashion design student, I admire lots of designers, but Stella McCartney has always been one of my favorites. Every time I walk in to one of her boutiques, I never want to leave!
Stella definitely knows how to design garments, and her style is full of  surprises. She believes in Eco fashion and recycling. She likes to use organic cotton fabrics, no leather, fur or animal skin in any merchandise. All textiles are either recycled or reused. The offices of Stella McCartney in the UK are powered by solar or wind energy; so if she can run a multi million dollar business like that, we all can!
OK! Lets talk about this beautiful Stella skirt I was wearing for this look. I believe all her designs have uniqueness in them. I love the fabric of the skirt and all the green, red, and orange designs over it. Yes! It is a short skirt to wear at work or meetings, so I always wear it with stocking and a longer coat for more of a conservative look. The coat takes away all the attention from my legs, and the orange color makes the skirt’s design POP! For more casual look, I would recommend wearing it with black flats or loafers.

Orange Wool Coat work outfit with orange coat Orange Coat with Stella McCartney Skirt Stella McCartney mini Skirt Stella McCartney with Orange coat

Imagine after a hectic day at work all you like to do is hang out with your friends at a bar, but you have no time or energy to go home and change. The only thing you would need to do is take off stockings and pair the outfit with a cute pair of sandal pumps. I chose red pumps because of the little red designs on the skirt and since my coat was a bright color too, I went with the black purse. I wore this amazing black backless body suit for a sexier look at night.

Stella McCartney Skirt and Prada Shoes

For Love and Lemon Body Suit with Gray mini Skirt

Black Body Suit with Stella McCartney Grey mini Skirt

Texas Sky and Stella McCartney outfit

I was wearing:

For Love and Lemon Body Suit, Old, Similar, Cheaper

Stella McCartney Skirt, Old, New Favorite

Akris Punto Coat, Old, Similar 

Prada Shoes, Old, Similar 

Chanel Boy Handbag