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Effortless Beauty!

March 4, 2016

Bow Down Stacey Bendet!

I have an ultimate obsession with Alice + Olivia. Stacey, the CEO and designer of Alice + Olivia, has been playing with my heart since she came out with those fabulousΒ “Stacey Pants” and 20-item collection later in 2002. What makes her more inspiring is that she didn’t even go to Fashion school. She studied International Relation and French at the University of Pennsylvania. The brand was named after her mother, Olivia, and her college best friend’s mother, Alice. All the Alice + Olivia boutiques are designed by talented Stacey herself. I’m absolutely in love with the LA store on Melrose. One of the great things about her garments is that they are easy to wear because she puts so much energy into the design that you just wear them alone and you look like a million bucks.


Alice and Olivia Dress with Prada sandals

Alice and Olivia sequence dress

If you notice I didn’t even try hard in this look. I wore this amazing dress with a simple Strap Heel Sandals. Since it has all the fun designs of birds and white sequence, I didn’t need to wear any jewelry. I’m not a big fan of super sparkly clothes, but there was something special about this dress. It is such a live dress because of all the birds and butterflies on it. t is absolutely perfect for any occasion since it’s not super dressed up nor casual. I probably have worn this dress over 10 times and let me tell you something, when I love a piece I wear it over and over again, and I don’t care what people think.Β Since the red was popping out the most, I went with the red Strap Heel Sandals and bag.

Special Thanks to the amazing photographer Shahram Faghirloo for the great pictures!

Alice and Olivia dress with red lipstick

Alice and Olivia dress and street style

I was wearing:
Alice and Olivia Dress, Old, Similar
Prada Shoes, Old, Similar
Random Nordstrom Clutch, Old, Similar
Lip: M.A.C