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Off-the-Shoulder Top|Sweet & Sexy

May 3, 2016
Happy Tuesday everyone! I hope you had an amazing weekend, and you are starting the week with lots of positive energy. We ended up not going to Austin this weekend either. We just needed a relaxing Sunday because the thought of being on the road for six hours round trip wasn’t thrilling at all.
As much as I love having statement pieces in my wardrobe, there are times that I just feel to wear something simple with a twist of style. Honestly, unlike LA, Houston doesn’t offer a lot of occasions that I could wear my statement pieces. So, my advice to you is to never forget to stock up on basic items for those days that you just want to be simple. Trust me sometimes Simple is the best recipe for success. Also, try to highlight your best assets on your body. I believe we are all have something in our body that we love the most weather if it is our skin, different body parts, or Face, which

EVERYBODY should like their face; Yes, you are beautiful just the way you are. 🙂

summer 2016 street fashion

summer 2016 streetwear

If you are living somewhere like me where the summers are blazing hot, the last thing we want to feel is being constrained by our clothes. Thanks to the blowy off-the-shoulder tops that bring the perfect combination of sweet and sexy without showing too much skin. It might seem like they make you look bigger, but in fact they are completely flattering on almost every body types and hides any imperfection areas. Like denim, can be worn for more than one type of engagement, you can pair them with any type of shorts, denim pants, or pencil skirts. I will try to post the top in diverse outfits on my Instagram, so you could get different ideas. I found this top on in an amazing price, but you can definitely find them at almost any store since they have been part of the trend for the past three years. 🙂

urban Outfitters off-the-shoulder summer top trend

2016 summer trends

Off-The-shoulder Summer top trend

For this look, I paired the top with my absolute favorite high waist skinny jeans that I basically live in. I didn’t like to leave the look super soft with light colors, so I decided to complete the look by adding my chunky color-block heels and make it more like a 70s look. The minimalism of the look works wonders for any occasion and it’s simple to throw together. Whether I dress it up or down, this is always a reliable outfit that can constantly be reinvented.

Summer clothing

2016 summer trends

Swarovski Crystal Necklace

high waist denim pants and YSL shoes

miu miu sunglasses and Dior lipgloss

I hope you enjoyed this look!

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I was Wearing:

Off-the-Shoulder Top

Denim Pants 

Shoes, YSL Old, Similar

Necklace, Swarovski Old, Similar, Cheaper

Clutch, Gift from Iran, Similar


Classy Saturdays

April 24, 2016

There is something special about the Montrose area in Houston,TX that somehow reminds me of Silver Lake neighborhood in Los Angeles. I know many people including my mom don’t like LA, but to me LA is home. I’m not going to lie; it wasn’t all perfect when I first moved to Houston. To me, it was just a big quiet city with no character. If you ever been or lived in the Hollywood or Silver Lake neighborhood, you would know what I mean by character. So, even finding a small part of that world here, it makes me a happier girl. I really like the Montrose area, and I think nowhere is as cool as Montrose in Houston! ( If you know any other places, please let me know since I’m still a newbie ). For a change of scenery, my beau and I try our best to go there at least once a week. We love the people there and we always find ourselves talking to different artists. I adore all the little cafes and vintage shops, and love meeting creative people who can teach you something great without teaching you, if it makes sense LOL.

Yesterday was a beautiful sunny Saturday in Houston, especially after days of rain and thunderstorms. We had to take advantage of the beautiful weather to have an outdoor lunch. We went to a very cute English pub called Black Labrador and ended up taking the blog pictures there. For this beautiful day, I felt the need to wear something comfortable yet chic and sophisticated at the same time. That’s exactly the reason why the main item of the look was this pretty dress from Urban Outfitters. The very first thing that attracted me about this dress was the buttons on the A-line skirt. The triangle cutout is placed perfectly where it accentuates the slimmest part of the body, which makes you look skinnier than you are. I probably bought this dress for less than $25 and wore it a million times because it’s one of those effortless chic dresses that you can dress up or down. I set the dress with a pair of black-strapped heel sandals to make it look dressier, and added a fringe bag to make it appropriate for the daytime. For accessories, I wore my Mother’s vintage scarf and stone choker to give it a more 90s look since we are all into it for the past season or so.

What do guys think of the look? I would love to know what do you guys like to see more in the future posts. 🙂








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Nostalgic Memories

April 9, 2016

A 16 year old girl moved from Iran to San Francisco a decade ago wondering about what she should do with her life. It took me only eight years 🙂 to finally realize I must follow my heart and do what I’ve always loved. I must say, I am lucky enough to have an amazing partner who has encouraged me to do what I have passion for.

Note to Self: Late is better than Never, and everything you imagine is REAL.



Lets go back to where it all got started, Redwood Shores, CA. Shores will always be home where I’d spent most of my teenage years with my beautiful family. Every time I go back there to visit my family, I have to stroll around the neighborhood to refresh some good memories. From volunteering at my sister’s school, tutoring at the library, to having my first office job at a bank two blocks away from home. So, I could not resist sharing with you some of my favorite spots in the area.

Probably you guys already saw the look on Instagram few days ago. 🙂 Yes, I can never wait! As you know I love jump suits! To me they are the most comfortable, stylish, effortless garments that you can wear any time of the day or night for any occasion. For this look, I paired the jumpsuit with my favorite sandal pumps, that you already saw me wearing a zillion times, and a blush color clutch to give it more of a spring look. As it was getting darker, the weather got cooler, so I decided to give it a try and wear my black leather jacket over it. What do you guys think?


You can also wear this jumpsuit with flat shoes and wear an oversized knit top over it for cooler nights and still be stylish. (That’s what I wore later that night at a family dinner) 🙂


I hope you guys are having an amazing weekend!

Until then,








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Body Suit | |

Clutch | |

Leather Jacket |  |



Black Polish

March 30, 2016

Happy Hump-Day beautiful readers! I am so ready for tomorrow and can’t wait to visit my beautiful Family and the city, San Francisco, after 3 months. I will stroll through the streets that I love and get inspired by. You can follow me from Ashby to the ends of Golden Gate Bridge on Snapchat: parmsi, and/or on Instagram: @parmsi. 🙂



Wearing Black always makes me feel sophisticated and confident without too much hassle. This beautiful Dress from Zara is great because it’s the perfect length to wear with stocking and booties for Fall/Winter or pair it alone with strapped heel sandals in spring. It is definitely a go-to dress in any occasion when I can’t figure out what to wear; its simplicity is consistently reliable.

The dress is velvet and elegant with just the right amount of detailing, like the flare sleeves and the lace work on front of the top. These unexpected small things make all the difference and take this seemingly simple black dress to another level. I finished the look with my absolute favorite strapped-heel sandals and the black/burgundy purse to match with my makeup.

What Do you guys think?






Bohemian Chic

March 27, 2016

Sunday is my favorite day of the week. My beau and I try our best to maintain our Sunday brunch and photo-shoot ritual every week. Although it seems to be a relaxing day, sometimes it’s the busiest day of the week. There are family and friend gatherings on Sundays at times which we need to attend. We have to rush the shoot in the morning so we don’t have to postpone them for later that day after a full meal with bloated body and tired face. We absolutely don’t like to miss out on seeing our loved ones, so we try to plan the day ahead. On those Sundays, I usually wake up pretty early to get ready for the shoot, so we get the best out of the daylight. I have to keep my makeup looking fresh throughout the day, so I grab some of my touchup goodies in my purse; such as a pencil eye and lip liner, lipstick, blush and highlighter. As far as the outfit goes, I need to pick something that works for the blog and the event that day, since there is no time to go home and change. For me, Sundays are called for pairing a bodysuit with denim pants with the twist of style.





I absolutely adore this long dress/cover-up I was wearing for this look. I love the way the fabric wrapped around my body and how flattering it was. I like all the lace detail works on the top and how it was fitted until it hit the waist and dropped from the waist down. I have worn it many times for different looks. You can definitely wear it with high waist vintage Levis shorts for summer or as a beautiful cover up over your swimsuits.





Happy Easter to all of you lovely readers that celebrate the holiday.
I was wearing :
Cover-up & Flat Sandals | WWW.ANTHROPOLOGIE.COM |



Gone with the Wind

March 23, 2016

Happiest of Spring to you beautiful people. It has been a great week so far. It started beautifully right after Persian New Year, which only means that it’s time for me to go back home and visit my family, whom I miss dearly, next week. I can’t wait to share with you some snaps from the Bay Area. The city is only my greatest inspiration.

So far we have been experiencing a rather windy spring in Houston. This orange Bell Sleeve dress was perfect for the first day of spring like an Orange Blossom that admires spring. I’ve always loved 70s fashion, but bell-bottoms are my absolute favorite weather on trousers or sleeves. I love how the sleeve fits until a certain part of your arm, then flares out in an ethereal bell shape. Bell sleeves can be quite the statement, so wear your flared sleeves with neutral pieces.



If anyone of you guys follow me on any social media, you already saw this dress on my Instagram few weeks ago. I absolutely love the color and how comfortable the dress is. I love how I can wear this dress in any season and occasion. This one definitely was one of my to go dresses for the past season, and I will promise you will see me wearing it with different styles later in spring and summer. Since it was pretty windy that day, I chose to wear my dress with a pair of black tights and booties. I thought this green bag complemented the dress perfectly and gave it an edgier feel.

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I was wearing:

Dress and Boots | |

Sunglasses | |

Handbag | |

Necklace | |

Lips –> Make Up Forever | |

I hope you enjoyed this look. I look forward to your comments and suggestions for the following blog. 🙂

Until Soon,





Flower Power

March 18, 2016

The gentle breeze will blow a new vitally to the barren earth

The old will become young


Happy Persian New Year to all you Persian lovers. For all my non-Persian readers, Nowruz literally translate to a new day in Farsi. Nowruz has been celebrated for over 3000 years. The Persian New Year falls on the very first day of spring, which is Farvardin 1st in Iranian calendar.

We have had a great spring weather in Houston in the past few days. All trees are evergreen, sight and smell of blossoms are everywhere. On our way coming back from a family gathering this past sunday, we spotted some pretty unique areas to shoot this look. I must say spring is beautiful in every aspect. No doubt nature shines the most dolled up in floral prints.


Yes! I agree! Crop top is certainly not the easiest trend to style, but pulling it off doesn’t have to be nerve-wracking. Crop top doesn’t automatically mean a bared belly button, 90s pop stars. There are plenty of ways to style a crop top so that you are showing only a demur hint of skin, and not your whole stomach. In this look, the black top, which is different from any other crop tops; the faboulus fabric makes the top look more elegant and the step gives the top a sexy ” One-Shoulder” effect. I paired the top with a super high-waist pair of black skinny trousers. The high waist sits beautifully on the body and covers all the holiday guilt. Since the pants are skinny and black, they make the legs look taller. The slits on the pants style the pants unique and sexy. The crop top and the pants go nicely together and some people think it is a jumpsuit. I tied up my look by wearing my absolute favorite black heels ( The last lifestyle post) and a green bag to make the look more fun.

I think sporting this look with a black pencil skirt instead would be very elegant as well; keeping that it’s an over the knee skirt.







I was wearing:

Cropped Top | |

High- Waist Pants | |

Shoes | |

Bag | |


Dolce & Gabbana Dreaming

March 16, 2016
Dolce and Gabbana is one of the most beautiful designers who consisted of traditions, sensations, culture and a Mediterranean nature. The Dolce woman is strong; she likes herself and knows she is liked. She is a cosmopolitan woman who has explored the world, but never forgets her Italian roots.
There is something about shoes that I love, they complete the outfit. I never go shoe shopping for a specific brand in mind. If I like the shoes, they go with my outfit and are unique enough, I buy them.
There was something special about these shoes. The sling back makes the shoes look sexier. I love all the details and fun drawing. They definitely make the shoes more unique. I would recommend wearing these shoes with something classic and simple like a black dress, jumpsuit or pants to make the shoes standout. For a fun look, you can pair them with a fun distressed boyfriend denim pants, a T-shirt and a leather jacket. They are such an enjoyable, light weighted, and comfortable shoes that I adore so much.

P.S. You will see me pairing these shoes with different outfits in upcoming blogs. ☺

I hope all my Persian readers had a great Charshanbe Soori last night!

Much Love

2015 Dolce and Gabbana Shoes

Dolce and Gabbana heels

Dolce and Gabbana 2016


Rain or Shine, We Shall Shine

March 11, 2016
Houston climate is known for being unpredictable; a sunny minute could turn into a bursting downpour the next moment. It can make shooting outdoors a bit more challenging.
Luckily, the beautiful spring and that summer heat is just around the corner, which means that this transitional weather is a perfect time to experiment with wearing just a T-shirt and layering it with different fabrics. I love oversized clothing especially blazers to enhance that comfortable laid-back vibe the warmer weather brings. It’s hard not to fall in love with comfortable distressed denim, which cost me less than $50. I believe the higher the waist line is, the longer and slimmer the legs will appear. I like playing around with loose layers, simple T-shirt with my amazing ForLoveandLemons bralette, which was a gift from a dear friend, for the days when I’m on the go. With the shirt being very simple and basic, I like that the texture and length of the oversized ivory blazer increases the sophistication of the outfit, making it suitable for any time of the day. To tie the look together, I thought it’s nicer to wear a black stylish set of heels to match the black stripes on the blazer and give my legs a little more length compared to wearing flats. You can definitely wear this outfit with white sneakers for a casual look. Last but not least, I accessorized my outfit with my favorite gold choker.







I was wearing:
Choker | |
T-Shirt and Denim | |
Blazer and Shoes | |
Have a Great Weekend!



The Old is Gold

March 9, 2016

It doesn’t matter how old they get, when you lose a grandparent; it feels as if a part of your childhood is taken away! I grew up running around at my grandparent’s house. I spent every summer at their house, so when I lost my grandfather a few weeks ago, I felt like my heart was broken to a million pieces! I never experienced having all of my grandparents; so losing one feels like losing two. Some grandchildren are not really close to their grandparents, but if you are, you know how hard it is to lose them. It’s a tradition between my grandmother, my mom, and I to go through all the photos from the past every time I go to Iran. After my grandpa’s funeral, we decided to go through all the old photos together. I love all the black & white pictures; they have a special character in them. This time I paid more attention on the apparel, and I must say I was impressed by how my grandma was so trendy! She has always been telling me amazing stories about the past and how she lived her life. She would sketch the clothes she wanted and have the seamstress make it.

In 1950s-60s, the clothing styles in the streets of Iran were very comparable to that of Paris or London. Pearl necklaces around the neck and Peter Pan collar dresses were HUGE in 50s. Ribbons and bows achieved new importance with the disappearing waistline, which meant higher hemline. So the longer the leg, the lower the heel of the shoe. Their stockings often imitated the shade of the shoes.


Since she was a teacher, it required her to wear more suits, which she styled them fashionably with the velvet bow around the collar.



Didn’t we just see a similar dress from last year’s Alice and Olivia collection!! Now we know what other decades other than 70s inspired Stacey; 1950s. This picture is one of my favorite pictures of her. The Big 50s floral print wallpaper against her big patterned A-line puffy dress, and her pearl necklace.


Her Peter-Pan collar dress.


You can definitely find a similar dress to this one at Sandro Paris boutiques. I love all the ribbon works, buttons, and the bow.

I hope you enjoyed the little souvenir I brought back from Iran!